Real-time writing suggestions that work on your desktop, browser and mobile devices

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Instantly generate clear, compelling writing while maintaining your unique voice.

Grammarly reviews your spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement and delivery mistakes, detects plagiarism, and suggests replacements for the identified errors. It also allows you to customize your style, tone, and context-specific language.

Grammarly overview

Works Where You Do

Grammarly provides suggestions while you write in desktop applications and sites across the web—as you move between apps, social media, documents, messages, and emails.

Beyond grammar and spelling

From grammar and spelling to style and tone, Grammarly’s suggestions are comprehensive, helping you communicate effectively and as you intend.

Grammarly for educational institutions

Empower students and faculty to become more creative and capable communicators with the help of AI-enabled writing assistance for every step of the writing process.

  • AI-enabled communication assistance in real time where students write the most.
  • Built-in guidance and custom feedback to enhance learning throughout the entire writing journey
  • Improves career readiness, preparing students for professional success in an AI-connected workforce
  • Protects institutional data with enterprise-grade security, and promotes transparency through responsible AI.

Fuel Academic Excellence With the Help of AI-Enabled Communication

Real-time feedback with AI to improve student writing

Optional generative AI features give students a trusted partner to help them ideate more creatively and improve their writing with thoughtful suggestions.

Support for articulating ideas with confidence

Clarity-focused suggestions improve communication for everyone across the institution—from students polishing final papers to faculty drafting department emails.

Generative AI that upholds academic integrity

Auto-citations allow students to instantly cite AI use in their work with just a few clicks, and AI guideline reminders encourage students to honor institutional policies when writing.

Preparation for a rapidly evolving job market

Trusted by a third of Fortune 500 companies, Grammarly works seamlessly in professional applications and prepares students to excel in a job market being transformed by new AI technology.

Reassurance that student work is plagiarism-free

Plagiarism detection flags passages that need citation by scanning ProQuest databases and billions of web pages. We offer citation support for APA, MLA, and Chicago across popular research sites, plus the ability to cite generative AI use.

Enterprise-grade analytics for your institution

Tap into compelling insights with our analytics dashboard and understand how students and faculty members are using Grammarly to improve their writing.

Grammarly for business

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Grammarly Business combines AI communication assistance with the knowledge of your entire organization to achieve results. Experience work with the intelligence you need, when you need it, where you’re already working.

AI your business can
run with

  • Compose – move everyone closer to the finish line when a short prompt can turn into a high-quality draft in seconds.
  • Rewrite – revise writing with AI that instantly delivers new drafts based on length and tone preferences.
  • Ideate – unblock and speed up content creation with ideas, outlines, and brainstorms generated with a prompt.
  • Reply – help teams save time and draft thoughtful email replies quickly and with the right context.
  • Personalize – enable teams to set a preferred voice and professional role so the writing generated is fit for purpose.
  • Customer Support – systematize thoughtful responses to common problems and speed up resource sharing.
  • Sales – drive consistency in outreach emails, contracts, and even referral requests.
  • Marketing – capture and scale on-brand messaging, benefits statements, and product descriptions.
  • HR – ut your best-performing outreach messages in every recruiter’s hands.

Accelerate information flow by connecting silos

Knowledge share

Ensure relevant organizational information surfaces for each person at the right time, wherever they’re already working.

Brand tone profiles

Make the best impression on customers with real-time tone suggestions that align with your brand.

Style guides

Empower every employee to create consistent, on-brand writing with dynamic in-line suggestions.

Drive innovation by cutting routine work

Generative AI

Discover faster ways to get things done with AI communication assistance infused with your company’s knowledge and brand voice.

Writing suggestions

Streamline workflows when everyone can communicate skillfully through advanced support.


Save time and drive consistency when you scale effective language to entire teams quickly.